My Blog Retires!

keyboard-648440_960_720Goodbye everyone!

I learned a lot this year about blogging. Like you have to stay anonymous, you also need to have an image source before your teacher deletes your images and you NEED to have voice. Don’t forget it’s my opinion on things and I’m not talking about anything specific. You NEED voice because if you don’t have any voice you sound boring and for your blog post to pop out.

I love going on my blog and reading my comments that all of you left for me. I was happy and you gave me more confidence. I found writing enormous posts challenging because I’m not really the kind of girl who loves to read and write I rather dance. But this blog made me realize how much fun it is to write when you get all of these wonderful comments from other bloggers around the word.

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successMy assignment was to talk about Success. I decided to find the definition. The dictionary says success is a person or thing that has had success, as measured by attainment of goals, wealth and more. My mom says success is being happy doing what you love having a positive outcome. I think success is when you’re successful you’re doing what you love but you’re good in that department.

A successful person is success because they’re good at what they’re doing like lawyers some lawyers are successful because they will fight for their client and never and then they has a bigger shot of winning. Like a winner they win because they practice and never give up. If it’s your first time playing soccer yes you might be bad but you’ll practice more to be better. Continue reading


light-1345753_960_720Nature is always important. Without nature we wouldn’t be much. Nature is a big part of us. You should NEVER pollute. Every time you drop garbage on the ground the Earth dies a bit. Apples won’t kill the Earth it will feed it. If you drop something you pick it back up and throw out in the garbage.

I walk around and I see garbage everywhere and I feel really bad for the Earth. People don’t realise how ONE small garbage bag can do so much towards the environment. Little actions will change everything. Give your Continue reading

The Mystery

rene magritte the blank signature

The sound of the passing cars woke me up on a beautiful sunny day. I started with my everyday scheduled and went to feed the horses. I decided to take Joe on a walk through the pure green leafed trees. Joe is my light brown colored horse. I was wearing my purple horseback riding outfit. Then all I saw was a shimmering light up above the Continue reading

My Passion

ballet-2dpt18w-266x300Hi fellow readers, today you’ll be reading about my favorite sport DANCE and what it means to me.

I’ve been dancing since I’m 4 years old. My style of dance is FUNKY. I’m still dancing in funky because it’s fun and it relaxes me.

When I dance I feel in another dimension that nobody is in. When I hear music I start to dance and nobody can judge me. When I dance I don’t care what the others think because I’m dancing and that’s the only thing that matters. Continue reading


Do you know the song Hello by Adele?

Well I will tell you some of the lyrics in French.

Allo c’est moi je voulais savoir si après tous ses ans tu voudrais que je révise tout.

Ils disent que c’est le temps de continuer mais je n’ai pas continué beaucoup.

Allo m’entends-tu. Je suis en Californie…

You can finish that off.

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bones-header-newDo you watch any TV shows? I know I do. I watch this TV show with my mom which is Bones. Here’s a short summary with not too much details. Temperance Brennan (Bones) is a forensic anthropologist and a successful writer. She works with a FBI agent named Seeley Booth. She goes to crime scenes with him then they bring everything to the lab. She solves murders with her forensic team and Booth. That’s all I will say but the show Bones is amazing. It gives no choice but to watch another episode and I’m serious. It has suspense and some romance, but you don’t see anything bad except for the dead bodies. If you want to watch it go on Netflix and search for Bones.

I also watch Full House but alone. I’m at season 6. It’s very intense. The kids grow up so fast. I won’t spoil anything I won’t put too much detail. There is this man (Danny) who has 3 kids and just lost his wife. He ask his friend Joey and Jess to help him raise the girls. They do it. Joey, Jess and Danny have been there for each there for a long time. This show is amazing yes there is some sad and adorable moments but it’s still the best. Do the same things go on Netflix but search for Full House.

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