5676890059_34b5c78a24_bFor Christmas I got a Mug Cake recipe book. I’ve made so many because I love cooking. I love to cook with my mom and friends. Once I made my sisters birthday cake with a friend and it was DELICIOUS!! What’s fun is it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


Harry PotterHarry Potter is a great book. It’s the best book I’ve ever read. I found it was hard because I don’t read a lot and it has hard vocabulary. The book has not a lot of chapters (17) but they’re long chapters. So it takes more time to read if you don’t read a lot and if you’re a slow reader like me. I definitely recommend this book to grade 6 up to grade 8. The story takes place in London, England at Hogwarts. I find it’s an action book with friendship and hate. There is fights between boys. Malfoy, Harry and Ron. The book has a lot of funny pages. In my opinion the author J.K Rowling is very creative because she invites words.





Bye Bye 2015!

good byeHello did you ever think how sad it is to just move on to an other year. Don’t forget that you get older. But the best thing is you get to make better memories with friends and family. But you forget your old memories at one point. Also on the 31 you get to watch the Bye Bye but it is really hard to understand.

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I’m Back!

schoolI missed you guys so much. I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas even though Christmas was 1 week ago. Well now you will get the chance to read more of my post not just about Christmas. I got a radio for Christmas and more but I would like to know what you got for Christmas. School started!!!!


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