Girls vs. Boys and Gryffindor vs. Slitherin | Challenge 3

3723317_svetoforI’m going to talk about Girls vs. Boys. So lets talk about clothe I think shopping for a girl or yourself (if you’re a girl) is more expensive and a lot more complicated. But girls think about everything like is pretty, are my friends going to like it or is it pretty then this one. Some girls (like me) just by it if it’s pretty, not too expensive if they need it.

Boys it’s easy because they’re only going to buy it if they like. They don’t care what the others will say. But this is only for some guys some are just like girls and we don’t even know about it.

This is only MY OPINION well maybe others do think about this like I did. I thought about this because of my older brother and sister and I compared them and this is what I thought.

The whole Girls vs. Boys got me thinking if guys rather Slitherin or Griffindor in Harry Potter and the same thing for the girls. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’m sorry you should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding! But seriously watch the movies and read the books. Me personally I’m a huge Griffindor fan because they’re nice and obviously it’s Harry, Ron and Hermione house at Hogwarts. If you know what Harry Potter is then this is for you.

  1. Think about your answer what house you prefer (Slitherin or Griffindor)
  2. Then tell me only if you want.

P.S if you say the wrong answer I will haunt you at night. Also you can still leave a comment I would love to know your opinion on my Girls vs. Boys if you agree or disagree.

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