Quebec During Summer Challenge 4

Vol_Ultime_in_operation_at_La_RondeHere in Quebec we have an amazing amusement park which is La Ronde. If you like big roller coasters this is the place to go. Just to advise you these are NOT the BIGGEST rides in the whole world but they’re the best size for teenagers. You can go on Le Vampire, The Goliath, Le Monstre there’s more but I can’t name them all. If you have a younger sibling there’s smaller and fun rides for kids. Sometimes they have a kids show. On Wednesday and Saturday nights they have fireworks they’re loud but beautiful but it’s worth it. You should go visit but don’t forget it’s open in Mai up to November.

Here’s something else that is fun.

During the summer I like to go hick the Mont St-Hillaire. They have between 5 to 10 paths. I did a small path my first time which is Pain de Sucre 2Km to go up and 2Km to go back down. My second time I did the biggest paths Rocky Red and Rocky Blue 4Km to go up and 4Km to go back down. When you get to the top the view is AMAZING! Go see for yourself. The cost is 0$ for kids under 5 years old, 6$ for kids and teenagers under 18 years old and 12$ for the adults.

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Girls vs. Boys and Gryffindor vs. Slitherin | Challenge 3

3723317_svetoforI’m going to talk about Girls vs. Boys. So lets talk about clothe I think shopping for a girl or yourself (if you’re a girl) is more expensive and a lot more complicated. But girls think about everything like is pretty, are my friends going to like it or is it pretty then this one. Some girls (like me) just by it if it’s pretty, not too expensive if they need it. Continue reading

Shout-Out to Eileen | Challenge 2

I love Eileens blog (Hong Kong Dsc Champion Blogger) because she has a lot of ideas and voice. She talks about her week-end, He favorite artist Jeong Eun-ji, activities she does and what makes her happy. She also said how she goes to school with her two younger cousins Rachel and Linda. She goes to Korean school not only during the week but the week-end too. Her blog is very personal to me.

She only has four posts but they are very interesting and worth it. She has a lot of pictures and her posts are the respectable length – not too big but not to small. Her posts are organised by date. When you’re looking for something you’ll find very easily.

I recommend her blog if you like what I like when the person has voice and creativity. If you want to go to her blog go to Hong Kong DSC Champion Blogger and go to Eileen.

Here’s her url


okFebuary 23 I went to Bromont with every Grade 6 class for a day. We had an 1hour and a half ski lesson then after lunch we skied with anybody we wanted. I had a lot of fun but it wasn’t my first time skiing.

I ski every year with my dad at St-Bruno. I started to ski last year.

It was my first time skiing at Bromont and it was really fun.

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Jerry_Spinelli_-_StargirlStargirls challenge in this book is the other kids at Mica High School. At the beginning Stargirl is strange to the others because she has a ukulele in her bag and has a pet rat named Cinnamon. After a bit she becomes very popular everyone likes her. She becomes a cheerleader. For the basketball team she cheers for both teams her team and the enemy. Everybody is mad and they all start to hate her.

Stargirl is nice because she does everything to know everybodys birthday to sing them Happy Birthday at lunch. She’s weird because of her pet rat Cinnamon. She is also creative and has a lot of imagination. She goes to an enchanted place where she imagines stuff, places basically everything. Continue reading


hqdefaultHey my favorite movie is… Lilo and Stitch because it’s so good, cute and sad it always makes me cry because it’s so sad. Stitch ia a little blue monster with four legs. Lilo is a little girl that likes to feed fish. You might think I’m weird crying at Disney movies but you will understand me if you watch it. Thanks!

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kittygetsa-bathToday I’m talking about the book Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel. Bad Kitty is a series of chapter book. This book is for grade 3 to 4 because it’s easy to read and to understand. This is a book that I like to read for fun to relax or to read in class.The main character is Bad Kitty obviously  its the name of the series. Bad Kitty is bad and doesn’t talk. This week I’m reading Bad Kitty Gets a Bath. Bad Kitty doesn’t like water and his owner is trying everything to get him in the bath. Bad Kitty is very funny and shy to me. Her challenge is the bathtub and the water because he doesn’t like water so he definitely doesn’t want to take a bath.  If Bad Kitty wants to protect himself from the water he needs to buy a suit of armor, stock up on lots and lots of bandages and get extra underwear (because stressful situations can cause ACCIDENTS). I have the whole series at home and I proud to say that this is my favorite series.

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Super Bowl

5050On Sunday I Watch the Super Bowl. Panthers (Carolina)  vs Broncos (Denver). My dad  made a Super Bowl supper there was chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, potatoes and vegetables. I am so mad the Broncos won. 24 to 10. I hate the Broncos because the won against the Patriotes.

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